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Colorado River Classic - February 13
Results can be found here
Colorado River Classic Colorado River Classic Colorado River Classic
This is/was a great place for a one-off race. Most people stayed at the Avi Resort and Casino in California, then drive across the Colorado river to the Mojave Crossing Event Center to attend the races. Since it was near Bullhead City, AZ usually a pretty good crowd would show up. The floor is a little larger as Industry at 45,000 sq. ft. plus, and has better seating. It is actually indoors and by the end of the night the exhaust fumes get a little heavy. It is high enough for the jumpers to put on a show. With an hour time difference in the winter, it became a game to figure out who was on what time.

Ft Mojave Crossing

2010 - Colorado River Classic - Ft Mojave February 13

2007 - Triple-D RV Invitational - Ft Mojave April 28

2007 - Avi Invitational - Ft Mojave October 13

2006 - Thanksgiving Invitational - Ft Mojave November 25