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Welcome to my Web Site

This site is set up to peruse various programs from Speedway tracks in California and other locations. When I started scanning programs in, in 1999, the scanners were not as good as they are now, the internet speed was a lot slower so some images are not nice and crisp as they are today. So bear with them as I tried to get them as best as I could.

I had a lot of fun when I was the photographer in the late 80's and I want to thank all of the riders, promoters and fans who assisted me in my efforts to get Northern California Speedway into the news.

A Big 'THANK YOU' to Thilo and his wonderful web site!!

Comments and suggestions are welcome.  I will continue to add to the site as I get more programs. RC Jones

Please look at the updated page for recent additions.

I want to thank my daughter, Danielle, for filling in the programs and my son, Michael, for getting all of the autographs.

I also must say thank you to Gary Roberts for keeping me excited about speedway !

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Yellow Tail 30lbs
Off the coast of California near Ventura - Channel Islands - November 1998

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