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1976 Oklahoma Speedway

Oklahoma 1976 Oklahoma 1976
Oklahoma 1976 Oklahoma 1976
"This was a great track in Oklahoma City that ran for about three years in the mid 70s. It was a great place to hook up with speedway buddies from all over the country. The promoter was great. he always paid good tow money and put us up in a nice hotel and provided lots of entertainment while we were in town." Rod Cowell 
Note:  The year of 1976 is an estimate, could be off a year or two... I want to thank Rod for this program!

Ice Racing

"The photos below are from a Speedway on Ice race that my Dad (Jim Stewart) sponsored.  He owned a local Speed Shop selling automotive related items.  Basically, he is a racing enthusiast that enjoys racing of all sorts. His name is Jim Stewart and the business he owned was the Corvette Center, later becoming Auto Sports Center.  He would donate to the prize money and the points fund at the end of the year. He helped out Mike "Hollywood" Hughes.

The races were held at the Myriad in Oklahoma City back in the late 70's/early 80's. They ran this event for 2 or 3 years and it drew big crowds.  The ice racing was held the same years they raced at Limestone Run in Oklahoma City. Speedway Racing was popular here for a few years and then it just went away.

Myself, I raced Motocross and eventually moved into the Sprint Cars. Speedway Racers have always impressed me. I think a Speedway Racer could get into a World of Outlaw Sprint Car and be an instant success." John Stewart. 

I want to thank John for this information and the photos below!

Oklahoma Ice Racing Oklahoma Ice Racing
Howard Koster Hollywood Hughes and Kelly Gilbert
Oklahoma Ice Racing Oklahoma Ice Racing
Leon Hughes Mike Hughes
Oklahoma Ice Racing  
Kelly Gilbert  

Oklahoma Ice Racing Oklahoma Ice Racing
Compliments of Rod Cowell
Left - "These were taken at Oklahoma Ice.  I was in front Rick Workman in back."
Right - "I am waving to crowd during introductions.  Tony Westbrook is behind me, and Jon Ingram was my Crew Chief." Rod Cowell
"Cool!  These photos are from the State Fair Arena in Oklahoma City.  I recognized the guy in the second picture with the yellow helmet.  His name is Trey Jorski.  He was a big-time MX'er and converted over to the Speedway bikes with much success, locally." John Stewart

A little bit of trivia. You will notice the name Mike Hughes on you Limestone run program. Well this is the same Mike Hughes. Daredevil Mad Mike Hughes - Crash of homemade Rocket. Hank Blackstock

Hank Blackstock

I read your profile of Mike and the list of tracks. I witnessed Mike racing a Limestone Run in Oklahoma City while he was on his way home from the Nationals in New York in the late 70’s.

He pretty much dominated our local boys. The saying here was Bast is too Fast.

Limestone Run only operated for a few years before the property was bought by a company to make a sand pit. Was a real shame as we really enjoyed speedway racing here on Friday nights.

Limestone Run
Right now I only have this picture of a start at Limestone Run. The guy with the W on his helmet is Starvin Marvin West who I later sponsored and tuned for in AMA Superbike and BoTT. He is the father of more recent road racer Cory West who I also sponsored and tuned for early in his career. Marvin also went to the Nationals and invited Mike and also I believe Bobby Schwartz to come race at Limestone.
Limestone Run
1977 my buddy Trey Jorski and Derek Gage. Trey often won at Limestone, if not him it was Marvin West. Trey was better known as a motocrosser and still does ARHMA motocross and dominates today. I will be attending the ARMHA Nationals next weekend to watch him race.

Champion Speedway October 11, 2020
Champion Speedway October 11, 2020 Champion Speedway October 11, 2020

The guy on the poster that you sent is Weird Howard Koester who was a very close friend of mine and a master motorcycle builder. His name Weird was well earned. RIP.

That is a double motor KZ1000 that Howard built in 1978. We rode to Daytona together for bike week in 1970. He rode his double and it sure got a lot of attention on the beach that year.

Champion Speedway October 11, 2020
2011 - Cory West and I celebrating his 2nd place in the Daytona 200 in the winner’s circle.
Hank Blackstock w5hj1@yahoo.com