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I want to thank Rod Cowell for these items!
Speedway World News (Newspaper) 1976 Rod Cowell says "This paper was very short lived but real good coverage."
Speedway World News (Newspaper) 1976 California Sharks - Bob Hetrick, Leo Black, Mike Gross, Robin Hood, Kevin Schmidt, Rod Cowell, Mike Bendy and Mike Maely.
Speedway World News (Newspaper) 1976 Colorado Cougars - Tom Williams, John Peat, Gary Densford, Rick Oppermann, Finley Wallace, Steve Gauss, Jerry Keffer, Billy Southworth
AMA Letter page 1 Great letter from the AMA in 1976 about the National Qualifiers to be able to go to the Intercontinental Final in Wembley.
AMA Letter page 2  
AMA Letter page 3 Points list from 1976, from letter above.
AMA 1978 Rule Book AMA Rule Book cover 1978
SRA 1976 Rule Book SRA Rule Book cover 1976
Colorado Springs 1976 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cougars Speedway
Cougars vs. Grizzlies
Quakertown, PA 1976 Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Class 'A" Fuel
Rod at Practice in 2003
Rod at Practice in 2003
Rod Cowell Sprint car #19
Rod driving the #19 car in 2001.
Tri-State Speedway. Haubstadt, Indiana.
TShirt Rod
Rod at Costa Mesa 1974
Billy Hamill
Billy Hamill
Great Tank Decal made by Rod
Great Tank Decal made by Rod