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On this page are posters that I have collected, some even have my photographs.
I have to thank the promoter of Auburn Speedway, John Houston Sr, for letting me get involved as a journalist and photographer.
Auburn Poster 1988 - RC Jones Photo Auburn Poster 1988 - RC Jones Photo images/900427AubPoster1.jpg
Auburn 1988 Auburn 1989 Auburn 1990
Photos by RC Jones Photos by RC Jones Photos by RC Jones
Not the greatest photos I ever took, but they worked. These were the top riders of this era: Top Eddie Ingels L-R John Houston Jr., Bart Bast, Jim Sisemore, Rocky Robinson. The photo for this poster came out a lot better for 1989. L-R John Houston Jr. and Eddie Ingels. Have to thank Rich Vandermeeden and Ted Scruggs. In this photo Steve Martin is trying to move Steve Orlandi out of the way.

Auburn 2001   Auburn 2002
images/000512Auburn2.jpg   images/010511Auburn2.jpg

Cal Expo 1999   Cal Expo 2001
images/990515CalExpo.1.jpg   images/010609CalExpo1.jpg

Costa Mesa 2003   Ascot 1971
images/CM031101Poster-1.jpg   Ascot 1971

I had the opportunity to be one of the photographers to participate in the Western States 100 for about 10 years thanks to Gay Wiseman.  The photos below are a couple of mine from the Rucky Chucky river crossing (mile 78) in 1990.  This night I took my tripod and stood in the river all night photographing every runner coming through this checkpoint.  As you can see from the photo on the right it was pitch black that night, I could not see anything.  I taped a flashlight to the tripod to spot where the runners were in the water...
Rucky Chucky river crossing, Western States 100   Rucky Chucky river crossing, Western States 100

When speedway season shuts down I like to attend my other hobby which is boxing.  Here are some posters from Sacramento. Featured are Willie Jorrin, Diego 'Chico' Corrales and Juan Aries.  Of course Corrales went on to become the most well know of the three.
Boxing in Sacramento   Boxing in Sacramento