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* Thank You *
I have listed below those who have been so kind to provide me programs, photos and general information.

* Thilo Wunderlich - Thilo hosted my web site from 1999 - 2016. He writes, "I just found an interesting page on your site the Bremen one. I have been visiting races in Bremen since 1976 (I was six years then). Unfortunately they closed down in 1988. I was living next to the stadium, which was about 2 km away from me." I can not thank him enough!

* Rich VanderMeeden - Rich and his daughter have provided a nice box of filled out programs from the 70's and 80's. Rich did start Fast Fridays Speedway at the Auburn track after John Houston moved to Cal Expo.

* Dawn Doron Roll Collection - She writes, "Tough question on the credit issue. I put all the effort and time in, but I know my sisters would be disappointed if I took all the credit, especially Tracy. She's the sister who was daddy's girl and would love to see her name in the spotlight so to speak. She will be incredibly thrilled to see this when I show her!" The donation is "In Memory of Jim Doron #80" shared with love from the collection of his daughters, Tracy, Dawn & Teri." She continues, "I should mention that credit should also go to Ernest Lee Harringtion, son of Mike Capalite. A lot of them came from Mike's collection that Lee sent to me after I discovered them on Ebay and we became Facebook friends." (I have to add that she sent me these programs in 2014, then misplace them or forgot or whatever, but now they are posted.) The programs are added to Costa Mesa, Whiteman, Trojan, Ascot and LA Sports Arena.

* Lee Morris - This Aussie has provided some of the international programs and his son Nick Morris went on to be a star speedway rider.

* Ryan Evans Known as Mr Speedway, Ryan has a memory of speedway that rivals WikipediA!

* Russell Smith - Sponsor in the 1970's, Frank Adamo.

* Guy Waterson Collection - Lots of programs and photos from the 1970's and 1980's

* Vance Felicio - Programs and photos and a good friend of mine.

* Dennis Preston - Costa Mesa items.

* John R Hagen - Costa Mesa items. Victorville Photos.

* Malcolm Roe - Seaside information and others.

* John Stewart - 1932 Crocker Speedway Bike Photos.

* Mike Capalite - 1968 Whiteman Program and others.

* Duncan Luke - For more than I can list. Mr. World Speedway Expert.

* Rod Cowell - The Midwest man.

* Jason Bonsignore - The East Coast Promoter.

* Roger Stevens -

* Graham Brodie - International Programs.

* Pat Brady * - 1976 Irwindale Programs (Pat was the photographer for the covers.)

* Adam J. Ulrey - Various older Programs such as Reno, Birmingham and others! <ajulrey1213@gmail.com>

* Hank Blackstock w5hj1@yahoo.com - Some fun information on Oklahoma Speedway

* Jackie Stewart - Donated a nice stack to me this year (2021) she is the lady who runs the riders sign-up booth at Perris Speedway. They include IMS 2011, 2012; Pirate 2013, 2014, Costa Mesa, lots of Industry Racing and others.

* Billy Meister - Provided some 1970's programs from Indio (my first), Riverside, Irwindale and Bakersfield.
* Linda Love - Long time speedway fan, met her in the late 1980's at Fast Fridays. Provided programs from Fast Fridays, Napa, Cal Expo, Costa Mesa and others.

Thank You